Making implementation simpler

If you’re here, you’re likely trying to implement something new in your work setting. It could be an integrated care pathway, a new program, or another evidence-informed innovation.

The Implementation Playbook (TIP) is a dynamic planning and project management tool that simplifies implementation with easy-to-follow steps backed by twenty years of implementation research.

With TIP, you can feel confident that your approach is reliable.

The Implementation Playbook (TIP) Explainer Video

TIP Features to Guide Your Implementation Process

  • A project management tool for team-based implementation

    • TIP guides you through an evidence-informed roadmap of the implementation process.
    • The process is informed by several implementation theories, models, and frameworks to provide the best chance of success when implementing an innovation.
  • Learn about Implementation Science with your team

    • Activities guide you through implementation phases toward key outputs that keep you on track.
    • Task tracking helps to ensure key activities are undertaken to completion.
  • Address barriers and other considerations while you plan

    • TIP prompts teams to consider implementation barriers, facilitators, outcomes, strategies and equity factors in each implementation phase.
  • Learn more

    What is Implementation Science?

    Evidence-based innovations are meant to improve practice and service delivery. However, effective implementation can often be complex. Many cooks in the kitchen, adding their own ingredients and trying their own approach to a recipe often results in inefficiencies, extra costs, and ineffective results. Implementation Science allows 'the cooks' or the implementers the chance to follow an evidence-informed process to get things right.

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    The Implementation Roadmap©

    Implementation is a complex process with many moving parts. The Implementation Roadmap© (TIR) simplifies the process into five core components to provide a planning experience to implement an innovation. The Roadmap is relevant to any type of innovation or setting because the concepts are high-level.